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And once again I am beginning to fall into the habit of things. Monday and Wednesdays are looking very busy for me; I'm stuck on campus from 10am till 5pm. Even though it feels good to be into a consistent routine, it is very boring. Thus I come to this question.
Are does the term "good habit" exist?
Can a habit really be considered good when habit is just a step below addiction? Maybe thats a slight aggeration, but they seem to be similar. For example, working out would be considered a good habit, but what about all the time spent working out that should have been for doing homework.
I'm not really going anywhere with this, please forgive me.
Currently, I am 2 days away from becoming unemployed once again. Plus I am still in search for a summer internship. anyone have any suggestions for me? haha, nobody reads this.
till next time
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