Kirkis (kirkis) wrote,


I complain a lot on this journal. But I guess since I try not to complain a lot while talking to friends, this is my outlet. Its all good.

Welcome to livejournal Kelsey!

I'm in a weird sort of limbo right now since I've been working in Midland. I don't feel like i live there, but I spend 4 days a week there. And I'm almost every weekend, but I also don't feel like I live here since i'm only here 3 days a week. Its a weird feeling. Not to mention that half of my stuff is still in my apartment in East Lansing. I'm just spread out everywhere right now.
Alright, its late, i'm tired.

-Currently i'm rockin out to the new DMB album, and its pretty good from what i've heard so far.
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