Kirkis (kirkis) wrote,

start of a new year

Whats going on world.
I haven't written in here in what feels like years, actually i'm surprised this website is still around. I registered this account back in 2002. Anyways, I was thinking about starting a blog last week, but instead of creating a new account somewhere else, I figured I would just revive this one.
Well, i'm sitting in the basement of the law library (aka business library) waiting for my physics class to start. Mondays and Wednesdays are rough because I have all 3 of my classes and because there is a 2 hour gap between iah and math, then a hour and half gap between math and physics. Its nice because it gives me time to study (well, forces me to) while i'm stuck on campus from 10 to 5. This week along with last week were especially rough because I'm working at the Student Book Store as a temp. Tonight after class, I work from 6 to 9. Doing the math, i'm out of my apartment for 12 hours today. Blah, enough complaining about that.
How about some new year resolutions, or shall I call it a list of things I hope to complete, but pray that I lose before the end of the year so I don't have to recall all the things I failed to do.
1. Find what I am looking for (this will take a few years)
2. Find a summer job
3. Do a lot of drugs
4. Play guitar hero for 24 hours straight
5. Go to cedar point
6. Go to a water park
7. Roshambo with evan
Alright, this list is a complete joke if you couldn't tell (except #7). I give up.
Yesterday I went to the gym with the roommates. Afterwards I ate a large portion of chinese food. Do you call this counterproductive? or equalizing? or you could say a motivational factor, for if the chinese food never existed, I might not have went to gym. Regardless, I call it counterproductive. I'm trying to get in shape (or change my current shape of being "round") and by eating fatty food at a critical time (right after a workout) when my body needs to replenish itself is not just counterproductive, its negatively productive.

Till next time,
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