Kirkis (kirkis) wrote,


Every once in awhile I download a few hours worth of techno music, then I pop it on my pod, and whenever I cannot decide what to listen to, techno is the choice. Today, this was the case.

Except, after listening to the first song, I decided that I would listen to the whole album. After 42 songs and 3 some hours of future trance, I came to a few conclusions.

1. I love techno
2. Techno is the one type of music that regardless of my mood, will pick me up and bring me into a new world full of excitement and joy.
3. I will meet the girl of my dreams at a rave.
4. Everyone should have at the minimum one techno song on their ipod/itunes (not including sandstorm)

I came to these conclusions when I was thinking about the strong like and dislike toward this genre. Lets face it, you either hate it or love it. Very few are in the middle. The haters usually have the defense of "repetition and annoyance". But the people who love techno have a million different reasons. I like it because (like i mention in my 2nd conclusion) it takes me to a different world (which just happens to be the name of a techno song). I fall into an ecstasy of sound and opportunities.

I want to become a club owner.

That is one of the best feelings in the world, to walk into a club at the beginning of the night, scoping out the scene, endless possibility of what could happen, who you could meet; a new start every time you walk in.

This is how I feel when I listen to techno.
Plus its good to dance to, and who doesn't like dancing?
Screw chicks, I just wanna dance.

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